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Japanese Tea Tasting

Learn about Japanese green tea and the Japanese tea culture and enjoy making and tasting a variety of flavourful teas, both hot and cold-brewed. Each tea has its own flavour and qualities and must be made correctly in order to appreciate these. Correct steeping times and temperatures; along with an understanding of the subtle aroma, flavours, colors and other properties of each tea will be discussed. You will work with authentic Japanese teaware and enjoy an entertaining, relaxing and educational session with a Japanese tea expert. As is the Japanese custom, you will also enjoy snacks and tea sweets as part of your experience. A great way to spend time with family and friends, or as a team building event!



Michiko Ono; a Japanese Tea Association certified Japanese green tea instructor / a Canadian Tea Association certified Tea Sommelier


Make and taste 8 select Japanese teas from various regions (Sencha / Gyokuro / Matcha / Genmaicha with Matcha / Houjicha, or choose teas from our website)

Session Includes: 

Senbei (rice crackers), some take-home Japanese green tea samples, 3 different tea sweets, and discount coupon


The Calgary Nikkei Cultural & Senior Centre (Library): 2236-29th Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta


Free parking at the rear from the back alley and on the street


2:30 pm – 4:30 pm on Saturdays (Approximately it takes 2 hrs.)


$35 (+GST) per person

Sign-up / Booking: 

Only group booking for parties of 4 – 6 people. Please book sessions one month in advance by email at matsukaze@shaw.ca so that we can book the room. We are happy to discuss other arrangements.

Available languages: 

English or Japanese


If you need to cancel your tasting, please contact us by email (matsukaze@shaw.ca) or call at 403-277-4533 ASAP.


If you have further questions about the tea events, feel free to contact us by email (matsukaze@shaw.ca) or call at 403-277-4533.


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