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Japanese Black (Tea Bag -30 g: 12 bags / 2.5 g each bag)

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A unique Japanese black tea made from Japanese green tea leaves and processed as black tea. This tea has a dark, reddish-brown colour and a sweet aroma. A refreshing, not-bitter aftertaste with a light taste of straw mark the tea as Japanese. Makes a great iced tea.

Cultivar: Benifuki, Yabukia, Meiryoku, Kanayamidori (blend)

Region: Hoshino Seicha-en, Fukuoka Prefecture

30 gm - 12 bags / 2.5gm each

  • Tea: 1 tea bag (2.5 gm)
  • Water: 350 mL at 95-100 °C
  • Steep: 2 - 3 min.
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