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Teapot Tokoname Koshi (Yellow - 310 mL)

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Tokoname-ware is famous for its natural reddish appearance, which comes from the fine-grained clay containing a high percentage of iron. Some bitterness / astringency from tannin in tea becomes milder with the iron in this teapot. The city of Tokoname in Aichi prefecture is a very ancient center of pottery in Japan. Ashes of different kinds of wood are used to create variations in color such as the unique yellow of this teapot. Teacup Tokoname Koshi (Yellow - 60 mL) can be matched with this teapot as a set.

  • Capacity: 310 mL
  • Tokoname-ware, Aichi Prefecture
  • Unglazed Ceramic / built-in stainless strainer
  • No dishwasher
  • Made in Japan
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